We Invented the Biofil Digester!

Biological Filters and Composters Limited is a subsidiary of the K A. Anno Engineering which has researched and developed the Biofil Digester over the past fifteen years. Biological Filters & Composters Limited was established in September 2005 to provide Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems, Environmental Research, Civil Engineering Construction, Agriculture and Irrigation, Mechanical and Sales, as well as the supply of Goods and Services. It also has a subsidiary efaengineeringnplumbing.net to handle domestic sanitation solutions. The firm again has a range of sanitation products ranging from the Biofilâ„¢ Digester to the Trickling Filter.


15 years ago, Mr. Kweku Anno, owner of Biofilcom, designed and built the first concept of a toilet system that functions independent of sewerage systems and septic tanks now called the BIOFILâ„¢ system. This digester-based system was developed around two major components: a filtering system, which separates the solid from the liquid waste and the use of micro-organisms for the breakdown of the solid waste. Roughly five thousand systems have been built and installed up to 2014. The majority have been built in concrete. The production of concrete digesters has been improved in the last years and the workshop has expanded. The up-scaling of the production in the present design in concrete is difficult and very costly because of the long lead time of the components due to labour intensive production as well as the curing and drying time needed for the concrete components.